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The first and only private wallet on Solana
Your bank would never publish your transaction history online
So why is this a tolerated 'feature' in DeFi?
Solbank is the only privacy wallet in the Solana ecosystem. Breaking the onchain link between transactions, giving users total financial security and privacy
What's the problem?
Blockchains are public places

A blockchain is a public database meant to secure a network and provide incorruptible/immutable data. It's at the heart of every single cryptocurrency technology but the public nature of blockchains is a double edged sword.

On one hand, we have a hack-proof, censorship resistant technology, but on the other we have a public, API accessible tool for mass-surveillance.
How do we do it?
A common piggy bank

Solbank protects your privacy by utilizing a kind of 'collective piggy bank' where users deposit equal amounts of SOL into a given piggy bank. When a user is ready to spend their money, they can withdraw any one of the equal deposits from other users. This way, the output transactions cannot be linked to any specific input transaction. By using smart contracts and zkSnark technology, we confidently ensure the links between transactions are effectively broken.

In other words, It's like a cash register. Money flows in and out of the register, but nobody knows who owned which bill previously.

Why bother with privacy?
I’ve got nothing to hide...
Exactly! If you aren't doing anything wrong, then there's no justification for surveillance.
Whether we're avoiding cybercriminals, protecting ourselves from harassment, or dealing with a sensitive personal issue, we all benefit from being able to keep our financial information private.
Privacy isn’t about hiding information;
it's about protecting it.
Useful out of the box
SBNK utility upon launch
Fees split between token holders, burn and Solbank Foundation. SBNK holders will receive 60% of the fees from the product use, while 20% will be retained by the foundation for further development, and 20% burned.
Governance proposal weight
Fee advantage for SBNK holders
SBNK burn from 20% of fees
SBNK holders receive 60% of fees
What's the plan?
Milestone Schedule
Q3 2021
Version 1.0
We are here!
  • Seed & private rounds
  • Initial Dex Offering on
  • First iteration dApp release on Solana devnet
  • SOL integration on Devnet
Q4 2021
Version 2.0
  • Devnet 3rd party public audits
  • dApp release on Solana mainnet
  • SPL token integration
Q1 2022
Version 3.0
  • Chrome extension devnet release
  • Tor Integration
  • SBNK governance release
Q2 2022
Version 4.0
  • Devnet 3rd party public audits
  • Chrome extension wallet mainnet release
  • Partial withdrawals beta release
  • Referral system launch
Solbank Logo
Your financial information is no one's business